Cervia's Salt Pans

Salt Pans in Cervia

The Salt Pans of Cervia extends for ca. 850 hectares and is the northest salt pans in Italy. 16 Km canals and 50 basins , about a third of the municipal extension of Cervia. Today, it is the south border of the Po Delta Park, it has always been a natural reserve for population and nesting place for many animal species (flamingos, avocets ...) and vegetables. The salt harvesting is a key part of the history of Cervia. The Sweet Salt of Cervia is unique in the world. Its organoleptic characteristics make it a "sweet" salt, due to the low content of the bitter chlorides. The Visitor Center is the starting point for tours and guided excursions, walking,, by bike or by electric boat. The Salt Pans of Cervia is interesting for kids, for teenagers and for adults.

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